Chicago Bally Workout 343

March 28, 2010

LA Fitness is running a promotion for free menu items from a nearby noodle restaurant. Bally will probably counter by handing out Ramen Noodles.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 342

February 22, 2010

LA Fitness is now sending junk mail to lure new members. The health club actually trademarked the phrase, “Exercise your options.” Plus, the mailer includes a coupon for a Complimentary Personal Fitness Assessment. You mean members typically pay staffers to tell them they are out of shape?

Enjoy your workout.

Chicago Bally Workout 337

January 2, 2010

Now insurance companies are teaming up with health clubs to provide special discounts. However, the rates are almost identical to Bally – a one-time $29 enrollment fee, then $29 per month. On the one hand, there are studies that show obese and out-of-shape Americans are draining lots of money in terms of health care costs. So the partnership seems like a natural fit. Another natural fit involves the fact that insurance salespeople are among the least-trusted people in the country. Simply Google the search terms “Health Club Rip-Off” and you’ll see Bally and LA Fitness employees rank high among the con artists too.

Enjoy your workout.

Chicago Bally Workout 336

December 31, 2009

It looks like LA Fitness will extend its pre-sale rates through the New Year. 2011, that is. At this point, anyone who signs up at the regular price is a moron. Come to think of it, has any member ever paid the regular price? Would LA Fitness even know how to charge the regular price?

Enjoy your workout.

Chicago Bally Workout 332

December 8, 2009

Has LA Fitness really ended the special pre-opening rates? There’s no mention of the discounts on the latest coupons being distributed by staffers.

However, now LA Fitness is declaring the club is “Ranked #1 – Best Value In The East Loop.” How can you be ranked first if you’ve only been open for a month? And how can you make a best value claim when your rates are over double what Bally charges? The LA Fitness advertising department must be taking promotion enhancement drugs.

Enjoy your workout.

Chicago Bally Workout 331

December 2, 2009

Well, it’s December and LA Fitness is still hyping pre-opening rates. So much for the limited-time-only Black Friday deal. Look for management to generously extend the offer in honor of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Enjoy your workout.

Chicago Bally Workout 231

August 15, 2009

Bally is really losing it. Now the price of membership has dropped to $18 per month, provided you’re crazy enough willing to sign on for 3 years. Are there any members who’ve been around for that long? The traditional anniversary gift for your third year is leather. Members reaching that milestone should receive a Bally weight belt or fanny pack. Along with our sympathy.

Enjoy your workout.