Chicago Bally Workout 327

It’s hard to imagine another industry in greater need of reform than the Health Club category. From the hucksterism to the contracts/non-contracts to the fees to the facilities, these places require more complete makeovers than the typical contestants on The Biggest Loser. LA Fitness continues to hype itself with the same promotions. The postcard still proclaims: PRE-SALES ARE NOW COMING TO AN END. LAST CHANCE FOR A DISCOUNTED RATE! Um, right. It’s the last chance until, say, late December, when the health clubs will proceed to con woo the New Year’s Resolution crowd. The LA Fitness postcard also asks: ALREADY HAVE A CLUB MEMBERSHIP? ASK ABOUT OUR COMPETITOR RATE? It’s unlikely that Bally members may enjoy this offer, as Bally cannot be viewed as legitimate competition – especially given the fact that LA Fitness rates are roughly double what Bally charges. Finally, LA Fitness is once again handing out 3 for 3 Sports Club Passes. Has anyone attempted to collect a year’s worth of these passes to redeem for free membership?

Enjoy your workout.


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