Chicago Bally Workout 289

LA Fitness officially opened last week. It’s a Signature Club, which is the top of the line for the chain. The equipment is shiny and the facilities are impressive. Towels are available throughout the space. The juice bar is still under construction, but everything else appears to be in order. The employees have gone into serious sales mode, offering guided tours that inevitably lead to an aggressive pitch. Of course, the place continues to hawk discounted rates – and if you haggle, they will lower the prices even more. However, the monthly dues and hefty initiation fee will never match the cheap Bally prices. In the end, LA Fitness is not directly competing with Bally. It’s like comparing Park Hyatt with Motel 6. LA Fitness members can enjoy the new carpet smell – while Bally members inhale the old urine stink.

Enjoy your workout.



One Response to Chicago Bally Workout 289

  1. Tim says:

    Yes! I too have gone over to the better side of living, and become a LA Fitness member on Randolph. To me the start up fee wasn’t bad, seeing that when I joined Bally on 47th st. not only did I put down $300 and paid $75 a mo. I WAS LOCKED IN FOR 36 MOS. AND THAT WAS BALLY’S SO CALLED TOP OF THE LINE GYM! If you ask me I didn’t see anything that was so top of the line about it, only that it was the best looking 1 on the south side.

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