Chicago Bally Workout 285

Bally is hyping the notion of workout partners – and the club is offering Free 7-Day Guest Passes to entice suckers members. The posters, ads and public address system announcements insist it only takes seven days to fall in love with Bally. Hey, if you really love Bally, you’ll absolutely adore Dante’s Inferno.

Enjoy your workout.



One Response to Chicago Bally Workout 285

  1. Tim says:

    I went to work out at the LA Fitness by my house in Lansing, and seen 2 Bally employees working out there. Then today when I went to the LA Fitness by my job on RandolphI seen 2 of Bally training manager’s buying a membership.I asked them did they not work for Bally anymore. They stated,”Yes we still work there, but we like nice thing too.”

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