Chicago Bally Workout 309

October 31, 2009

Bally is celebrating Halloween with another recruitment promotion. The headline declares: Treat a friend to fitness because candy corn isn’t a vegetable. Um, you’d have to be a vegetable to go for this offer. Plus, you can search the entire selection in any Bally store and not find a single vegetable. Candy corn, maybe.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 308

October 30, 2009

At the Loop Bally, there’s a life-size cardboard image of a person hyping an offer where you can win a free year-long membership. Um, is that supposed to be a motivating prize? A better incentive would have Bally paying you $29.99 per month to show up.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 307

October 30, 2009

Last month, we noted the Loop Bally men’s locker room replaced a missing hand-soap dispenser with a mismatched version. Suddenly, the dispensers are identical – and Bally even added a third unit. Wow, the club must really feel the pressure of trying to compete with the superior amenities at the over-priced LA Fitness. Or maybe they’re just noticing Bally members need to do a better job of washing their hands.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 306

October 29, 2009

The Loop Bally men’s locker room has a new poster hawking Calvin Klein underwear. Plus, there are cards offering a FREE PAIR of underwear with a product purchase at Macy’s. The overwhelming majority of male members could benefit from the freebie. But it’s unlikely they’ll take advantage of the deal, as they seem content to wear briefs that resemble the Shroud of Turin.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 305

October 28, 2009

The other day, we saw a Bally member in the locker room with a ridiculous amount of piercings and bling attached to his loins. We dubbed him Mr. T(esticles).

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 304

October 27, 2009

It looks like Bally continues to feign concern for members during flu season. The Loop Bally club propped a big bottle of hand sanitizer at the reception desk. We wonder if they’re telling folks to sanitize before handing the greeter your membership card – or your late payment.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 303

October 26, 2009

Now LA Fitness is sending out junk mail to entice new members. The postcard includes a one-week Signature Workout Pass. Which means Bally members will probably line up to pack the joint for exactly 7 days.

Enjoy your workout.