Chicago Bally Workout 255

True Lemon was The Freebie of the Week at the Loop Bally club. It’s difficult to determine exactly what this shit is, as the product’s advertising is pretty slick. For example, “the taste of fresh-squeezed lemon” usually means there is no fresh, squeezed or lemon involved – it’s just the “taste” of the real thing. True Lemon hypes “100% all-natural ingredients,” yet it doesn’t state what the ingredients might be. The manufacturer claims people love True Lemon in a variety of ways – like sucking it straight from the packet or pouring it down drains for a fresh scent. We don’t think there were enough freebies available to make a noticeable effect on the sinks in the men’s locker room. Besides, most Bally members would have preferred receiving samples of lemon meringue pie. Or Lemonheads – which are also made with natural ingredients, including real lemon juice.

Enjoy your workout.

Lemon Heads


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