Chicago Bally Workout 217

The Loop Bally club security guards have been sitting in a rickety office chair for as long as we can remember. The chair had five wheels, and three of them were broken; hence, the guards skidded around versus rolled. Anyway, this week the chair was replaced. The new chair is not new, as it has tears in the leather seat area. Does Bally shop at a used office furniture warehouse? The chair has four wheels that all appear to be in working order, but no arm rests like its predecessor. We figure the guards asked for a La-Z-Boy recliner. And Bally management probably considered a chaise lounge and milk crate before settling on the pre-owned chair.

Enjoy your workout.



One Response to Chicago Bally Workout 217

  1. […] Chicago Bally Workout 236 The South Loop Bally had a shower station for elderly and disabled men, as it featured a metal seat that unfolded for a member to sit upon. However, the contraption has suddenly disappeared from its wall mounting. Maybe Bally will replace it with a second-hand disabled chair from the used office furniture warehouse…? […]

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