Chicago Bally Workout 247

August 31, 2009

For some unexplained reason, the South Loop Bally club rearranged a bunch of weight machines. The Loop club pulled a similar stunt recently, although it also involved removing stuff entirely. It’s tough to tell if the South Loop club dumped devices too. Who is hauling these contraptions? It’s hard to imagine the personal trainers doing manual labor. Or any labor, for that matter.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 246

August 30, 2009

The South Loop Bally club reception desk recently displayed Chef Jay’s Tri-O-Plex Gourmet Brownies. Chef Jay claims he was once obese, but slimmed down with healthier eating and exercise. We’re betting he never worked out at Bally. Although maybe he was inspired to create his brownies after a visit to the locker room toilets.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 245

August 29, 2009

Just as certain Bally members will commandeer equipment – literally lounging on the weight machines for extended periods – there are also locker room hogs. These men will spread out their belongings and personal gear across entire benches, prohibiting others from even gaining access to lockers. Even worse are the ones who perform all of their daily grooming either at sinks or on benches – from flossing to foot spray and everything in between. Ironically, these dudes rarely look like they spent any time gussying up, as they tend to be inherently sloppy pigs. Go figure.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 244

August 28, 2009

The sinks in the Loop Bally men’s locker room are no longer clogged. However, now the handles are being torn off the faucets. Of the six faucets, two are currently handle-free, and a third has a replacement that is grossly mismatched. Bally ought to just swap the faucets and sinks with a water trough.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 243

August 27, 2009

Today we saw a Bally member working out in curlers. It would have made for an interesting visual if she were doing dumbbell biceps curls. Or training for Olympic curling.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 242

August 26, 2009

On Tuesday, the two clogged sinks at the South Loop club were back in order. We’re not sure why it took over three days – plus the weekend – to fix things. Hell, Moses dealt with far greater water problems in less time.

Enjoy your workout.


Chicago Bally Workout 241

August 25, 2009

At the Loop Bally club, maintenance men have been performing tune-ups on weight machines, replacing loose screws, lubricating sticking gears and more. There’s even a storage closet filled with parts and accessories for the devices. However, there appears to be no effort whatsoever to provide tune-up services to the toilet stalls.

Enjoy your workout.