Chicago Bally Workout 198

When you consider the consistent, carbon-copy consumer complaints against LA Fitness and Bally, you must conclude the category makes corrupt cable companies look like caring corporate citizens. Indeed, LA Fitness and Bally operate as if they are utilities versus services. Additionally, it appears consumers have resigned themselves to the lousy conditions – filthy toilets are the greens fees for regular workouts.

But before you decide that the smell of urine in shower areas is acceptable, check out the actions taken in 2004 by New York. Following endless gripes by ripped-off Bally members, government officials took action. The Attorney General’s Office, led by Eliot Spitzer, went after Bally Total Fitness and ultimately created health club sales reforms. “People joining health clubs expect trimmer bodies, not trimmer wallets,” Spitzer said. “This agreement will help consumers better understand terms and conditions of their membership and get the most for their money.” You can read the full details here.

The time has come to refuse tolerating the bullshit and declare, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take soiled Q-tips® anymore!”

Enjoy your workout.



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