Chicago Bally Workout 192

LA Fitness representatives continue their aggressive sales pitches. But meeting with them seems to confirm that Bally is probably not threatened, as it’s not a direct competitor. The LA Fitness franchise features a range of facilities, and the new club slated to open in September is in the top tier. The place will feature more space, more equipment and more cleanliness. LA Fitness will have longer hours, a childcare area and a juice bar with Wi-Fi. The membership fees are much higher than Bally. LA Fitness is offering deals for early sign-ups, yet the prices are rising as the opening approaches. However, the reps are quick to assure potential members that the contracts are month-to-month and easy to end. One guy remarked, “We don’t want members who don’t want to be members.” Finally, LA Fitness toilet seats are designed to perfectly conform to your ass. Yep, Bally doesn’t compete at all.

Enjoy your workout.



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