Chicago Bally Workout 175

There’s a personal trainer at the South Loop Bally club who appears to be a relative newbie, and he’s very different than the rest. For starters, the guy actually wears his nameplate – his name is Greg. He’s got a military-style crew cut. He always seems very engaged with clients. So what makes Greg extraordinary? It looks like he really cares about the club. We’ve seen him walking the floor, literally straightening things out and resetting machines. Other personal trainers tell clients to run a few laps while they flirt with the hotties at the reception desk. When Greg’s clients are running laps, he will re-rack the weights left by lazy members or do something productive. We wouldn’t be surprised if he’d willingly scrub the toilets. This dude deserves to be the Employee of the Month. Somebody award the man a Bally Soy Protein Bar.

Enjoy your workout.



One Response to Chicago Bally Workout 175

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