Chicago Bally Workout 150

Bally is in big trouble now. A new LA Fitness is scheduled to open in the Loop area soon, and the competitor is already recruiting members with sweet deals. Why, the place even offers towel service. Bally will probably counter by building on the current locker room laundry routines.

Enjoy your workout.



16 Responses to Chicago Bally Workout 150

  1. […] are being repaired or replaced with better equipment. Or perhaps Bally sold the stuff to the new LA Fitness. More likely, Bally is downsizing à la General Motors. Before long, the club will probably swap the […]

  2. […] Bally Workout 195 As LA Fitness recruiters continue to hype the upcoming opening of the new Loop club – literally plastering […]

  3. […] Bally Workout 205 LA Fitness continues its sales tactics, taping new postcards to the pedway walls near the club location. […]

  4. […] Bally Workout 227 The LA Fitness recruiters continue to hawk pre-registration to downtown pedestrians, claiming that the wondrous new club will […]

  5. […] Bally Workout 240 The LA Fitness recruitment center on Wabash has a Wheel of Fortune style device, which is likely being used for […]

  6. […] Bally Workout 249 The LA Fitness recruiters have created boards featuring images of the upcoming club, even though it’s still […]

  7. […] Bally Workout 266 LA Fitness threw a Signature Club Pre-Opening Party at Enclave. The announcement card claims the new facility […]

  8. […] Bally Workout 271 LA Fitness claims to be getting closer to opening its new club, despite the signs of cluttered construction. […]

  9. […] Bally Workout 279 LA Fitness still appears to be opening soon. There are more photos on the Facebook page, although many of the […]

  10. […] Chicago Bally Workout 284 The clock that vanished from the Loop Bally men’s locker room last July has suddenly returned. Its glass cover had been shattered, but now it’s repaired. However, the repair was made with Scotch tape. What time is it? Time to check out LA Fitness. […]

  11. […] Bally Workout 289 LA Fitness officially opened last week. It’s a Signature Club, which is the top of the line for the chain. […]

  12. […] Bally Workout 293 LA Fitness is offering discounted rates to students that almost equal Bally prices. Bally will probably […]

  13. […] must really feel the pressure of trying to compete with the superior amenities at the over-priced LA Fitness. Or maybe they’re just noticing Bally members need to do a better job of washing their […]

  14. […] these places require more complete makeovers than the typical contestants on The Biggest Loser. LA Fitness continues to hype itself with the same promotions. The postcard still proclaims: PRE-SALES ARE NOW […]

  15. […] Bally Workout 328 Now LA Fitness is handing out postcards with a handwritten note stating: Preview rates exp 11/30. Right. Then next […]

  16. […] Bally Workout 329 LA Fitness is now hyping its reduced rates as a Black Friday special. Um, they’ve been offering these Black […]

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