Workout 133

Bally really does suck in certain areas.

As previously reported, there is a new policy requiring members to sign up for electronic bill pay. Bally has tried to spin it as a positive move, offering THREE EXCITING INCENTIVES for submitting to the corporate demands. Members have been instructed to switch via a trio of options: in person, online or over the phone. Additionally, the THREE EXCITING INCENTIVES vary based upon which enlistment route you choose.

Here’s why things are fucked up, in our opinion.

Signing up in person nets the greatest rewards: membership upgrade, 60-day guest pass (retail value $0.00) and a magazine subscription. The online and phone alternatives only provide a membership upgrade.

First, what are the benefits of a membership upgrade? Unless you’ll receive access to both the men’s and women’s locker rooms, we don’t see the value.

Second, most companies give greater rewards to customers who order things online. After all, you’re doing the work for them, eliminating extra paperwork and employee participation. Yet Bally lessens the rewards for online applications.

Third, the online route is bullshit. There is absolutely no mention of the sign-up mandate or the membership upgrade. The entire process lacks many fundamental functionality and user experience elements. It’s a completely unfriendly and mechanical mess. The opening steps don’t even clearly indicate information is being securely collected. Why should we trust personal data to Bally?

At this point, Bally won’t succeed with this scam unless the magazine subscription list includes Juggs.

Enjoy your workout.



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