Workout 132

As mentioned previously, the South Loop Bally is slightly nicer than the Loop facilities – it’s more contemporary and cleaner. The South Loop location is also handling certain issues differently than its sister club. For example, the response to Swine Flu is a simple memo tacked to the bulletin board, offering tips on cleanliness and avoiding the spread of viruses. Additionally, there are no Scotch-taped signs throughout the club announcing the electronic bill pay mandate. However, there is a flyer on the reception desk hyping the new policy. The document even seems to imply the action is part of a green initiative. Right. Meaning Bally wants your green now, bitches.

Enjoy your workout.



One Response to Workout 132

  1. […] Workout 137 There’s a new tote board in one of the South Loop Bally offices, recording the personal trainers’ professional achievements. Unlike the old chart, this updated version features a printed Bally logo and appears to be more official. However, we didn’t see a special column to input the number of members that personal trainers coerced into signing up for electronic bill pay. […]

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