Workout 129

Bally is really pushing the electronic bill pay mandate. Signs have been Scotch-taped to the paper towel dispensers—and even over the public water fountains—imploring members to act now. The messages are typed in ALL CAPS with multiple exclamation points!!! Management is trying to spin it in a positive fashion, announcing THREE EXCITING INCENTIVES to enroll by the end of the month. Oddly enough, the offer details indicate the THREE EXCITING INCENTIVES are available through June 30—and one perk includes the ever-useless guest passes. Why won’t Bally just confess already, and admit this action is an attempt to crack down on delinquent members? Plus, once your credit card number is relinquished, you can expect more difficulty ending your membership contract. But hey, at least you’ll get a 60-day guest pass (retail value $0.00).

Enjoy your workout.



3 Responses to Workout 129

  1. […] board, offering tips on cleanliness and avoiding the spread of viruses. Additionally, there are no Scotch-taped signs throughout the club announcing the electronic bill pay mandate. However, there is a flyer on the […]

  2. […] members to sign up for electronic bill pay. Bally has tried to spin it as a positive move, offering THREE EXCITING INCENTIVES for submitting to the corporate demands. Members have been instructed to switch via a trio of […]

  3. […] At the Loop Bally, almost all of the Scotch-taped signs demanding members enroll for electronic bill pay have been removed. One remains over a drinking […]

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