Workout 128

Today members of the Loop Bally club were greeted by a whiteboard in the lobby announcing a new policy. Starting June 1, everyone must register for electronic bill pay. We’re not sure why this is required, or even if it’s legal to mandate members give up a credit card number. It seems particularly odd for members on a month-to-month plan. Guess the receptionists are too busy selling supplements and Bally Soy Protein Bars® to handle people paying their membership fees at the club cash register.

Enjoy your workout.



5 Responses to Workout 128

  1. […] As previously reported, there is a new policy requiring members to sign up for electronic bill pay. Bally has tried to spin it as a positive move, offering THREE EXCITING INCENTIVES for submitting to the corporate demands. Members have been instructed to switch via a trio of options: in person, online or over the phone. Additionally, the THREE EXCITING INCENTIVES vary based upon which enlistment route you choose. […]

  2. […] been removed. One remains over a drinking fountain, likely forgotten by management. Additionally, the whiteboard announcing the new policy has been taken out of the lobby. Is Bally retracting its […]

  3. […] Bally Workout 155 We’re not sure if Bally succeeded in coercing all members to sign up for electronic bill pay. The recruitment tactics virtually vanished toward the end of the month, despite the initial threats […]

  4. […] sign you up. Bally Total Fitness, on the other hand, tapes homemade signs in the reception area for electronic bill pay, and representatives call members like telemarketers with “special offers” to reduce your […]

  5. […] have vanished. The remaining ones have been spread out to fill the gaping spaces. There were no homemade signs to explain the disappearance. Maybe the devices are being repaired or replaced with better […]

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