Workout 113

The form depicted above routinely appears throughout Bally clubs. Hell, it might be more common than the ever-present-yet-pointless Free Guest Passes. It says something when the company logo is actually printed on the slip. Members will spot these signs taped to weight machines, water fountains, hand dryers, sinks, showers, saunas, whirlpools, closets and more. The one illustrated here was adhered to a toilet stall door. Not sure why the entry fields are rarely filled out. Maybe it’s cheaper to recycle them—otherwise, given the constant need, you’d have to kill entire forests on a monthly basis.

Enjoy your workout.



One Response to Workout 113

  1. […] Bally Workout 206 At the South Loop Bally club, a defective urinal has an official out-of-order sign taped to it. Of course, someone decided to urinate on the sign. Stay classy, Bally […]

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