Workout 78

It’s bad enough that some Bally male members like to shave in the showers. But must the manscapers shave their male members in the shower too?

We can’t help but think these guys are enjoying their exhibitions.

There’s one dude in particular trimming his privates almost daily. Guess the stubble isn’t comfortable or attractive.

He’ll take his disposable razor and proceed to mow his entire body, starting with the shoulders, armpits, back, chest, legs and buttocks. Next comes the groin area and nut sack. Then he’ll stretch his member and carefully scrape around the entire shaft.

Does the women’s locker room produce similar spectacles?

Enjoy your workout.



3 Responses to Workout 78

  1. […] can only imagine the contents: single socks, holey underwear, jock straps, athlete’s foot spray, disposable razors and […]

  2. Ashly says:

    Not that I know of…

    1) We have shower curtains
    2) Lots of the ladies that go to the Chicago Loop Bally seem to be fans of the…ummmm…natural look.

  3. […] sponsors. The sponsor list includes American Laser Centers – which will undoubtedly excite the manscapers in the […]

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