Workout 71

Different parts of the day apparently draw different crowds to Bally. We recently visited in the early afternoon, and the place had a totally different vibe. Things were slightly calmer, as fewer members were present. It was a Dress Socks Crowd. For some reason, a lot of members were wearing dress socks with their workout gear. And they all were not older members. It was quite a collection – navy, brown, malachite and more. No argyles though. The Bally Total Fitness® Rules & Regulations discusses a dress code, but it does not mention dress socks. So nobody is breaking any club mandates. Yet shouldn’t one’s socks match the color of your weight belt?

Enjoy your workout.



2 Responses to Workout 71

  1. […] & Found. Now that would be a Pandora’s Box of horrors. One can only imagine the contents: single socks, holey underwear, jock straps, athlete’s foot spray, disposable razors and […]

  2. […] As previously noted, Bally draws a slightly different crowd during the early afternoon hours. The early morning hours […]

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