Workout 55

Bally members may use club lockers; however, there are many disclaimers to consider. For starters, big stickers like the one above appear inside nearly every locker. The Bally Total Fitness® Rules & Regulations were clearly scrutinized by the company lawyers:

Lockers are available for daily use only by members and guests. We recommend that members and guests do not bring valuables into the club and that each member purchase a combination lock or padlock to secure their locker while using the club facilities. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES UNPROTECTED. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ARTICLES. Pursuant to your membership contract, you have waived any right to sue the club for lost or stolen articles. Due to the limited number of lockers available, we cannot allow locks to be left on overnight. When this occurs, the locks may be removed and any personal articles in the locker may be placed in the lost and found. We accept no responsibility for articles left behind. Club personnel are not allowed to accept responsibility for personal articles.

There are a few lockers with built-in locks that may be rented for about a buck. Most members bring their own locks, predominately from the standard Masterlock® varieties. But you’ll always see a couple of oddballs with the teeny locks typically used for carry-on luggage. Plus, a surprising number of dudes go sans lock. Probably the same brave souls who tread barefoot into the toilet stalls.

Enjoy your workout.



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