Workout 48

Oh boy! The Bally Resolution Rescue Event is scheduled for February 12. Members can bring a friend to work out for FREE. Technically, the Bally Total Fitness® Rules & Regulations allow members to bring up to three guests daily for the purpose of recruitment, so this particular perk is not a deal. However, you will be invited to “try a motivating Resolution Rescue Workout,” with a “Free Dance Mix Download Card” for the first 50 suckers participants. A better name for the event: The Bally Bankruptcy Bailout.

Enjoy your workout.



5 Responses to Workout 48

  1. […] There was no visible evidence that the Bally Resolution Rescue Event succeeded in luring guests. The place was not more packed than normal. The personal trainers were […]

  2. […] And why does Bally keep awarding FREE guest passes? We’ve already learned that members are permitted to bring FREE guests every day. It’s stated in the Bally Total Fitness® Rules & Regulations. We’re also pretty […]

  3. […] which is totally unnecessary, as the Bally Total Fitness® Rules & Regulations allow members to bring up to three guests anytime. And what’s with the photo of a personal trainer scoping out three hotties? The Bally […]

  4. […] Chicago Bally Workout 155 We’re not sure if Bally succeeded in coercing all members to sign up for electronic bill pay. The recruitment tactics virtually vanished toward the end of the month, despite the initial threats that everyone was required to comply by June 1. However, small signs on the reception desk now state that members who are delinquent on their dues will no longer be permitted in the club. Why were non-paying people ever allowed entry? Maybe they were using their Free Bally Guest Passes. […]

  5. […] Is he an official employee now? Or perhaps he’s expanding his business via telemarketing. Get a Free Bally Guest Pass with every illegal DVD […]

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