Workout 44

The New Year’s herd is not thinning – in any sense of the word. Bally’s Loop location is still over-packed with bodies. One member claimed he recently had to wait 20 minutes to use a treadmill. The men’s locker room was not designed to handle such crowds, as people are required to stand a tad too close while changing. But the personal trainers don’t appear to be much busier, as most members prefer DIY fitness. Not sure if it’s just the time of day, but when we show up in the evening, it seems like there are many idle trainers. They’re either congregating with the receptionists or lounging in their offices (why the hell do personal trainers need offices – wouldn’t a locker suffice?). Given the company’s financial situation, it looks wasteful. If Bally really wanted to improve things, they should go with a few less personal trainers and a few more janitors. Or maybe extend the personal trainers’ responsibilities by handing them toilet brushes.

Enjoy your workout.



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