Workout 36

Sticker tagging has been a popular style of graffiti for over 40 years, decorating predominately urban areas in the U.S. and abroad. Why, the art form even appears in the Bally men’s locker room. Although it’s unclear if the work is deliberate self-expression. Locker interiors display an occasional original creative design. But most of the bombing involves adhesive stuff from new workout gear (e.g., size stickers, price tags and “inspected by” markers) and fitness-related products (e.g., sports drink stamps, power bar wrappers and Odor Eaters® labels). It’s stickylicious. Word!

Enjoy your workout.



One Response to Workout 36

  1. […] This is a quick follow-up to the earlier post on sticker tagging in the men’s locker room. The image above is one of the original designs that occasionally appear […]

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