Workout 23

Bally does not enforce any type of dress code. Sure, the staff is required to wear the signature red or black shirts and black shorts/sweats. But anything goes with the members. Hell, we wouldn’t be surprised to see members sporting original Members Only gear.

Levi’s. Shorts like the style favored by NBA players – in the 1960s Lakers-Celtics era. Chinos. Bike pants revealing every pulsing bulge and throbbing vein. Velour track suits. Fatigues. Animal patterns. Polo shirts. Button-down oxfords. Muscle shirts on flabby people. Leather vests. Crocs. Flip-flops. Timberlands. Pantyhose. Black socks. Bling. Daisy Mae Duke outfits. Village People wannabes. Olivia Newton-John tributes.

It’s Project Runway on meth.

Enjoy your workout.


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