Workout 16

Bally collects a little added revenue through in-club advertising. But it’s hard to believe the profit is even noticeable. There are barely half a dozen ad spaces – mostly lighted posters for dietary supplements, soup and mobile phones. The men’s locker room currently features three sponsored messages: an announcement against drunk driving, a mobile phone introduction and a Dunkin’ Donuts flatbread sandwiches promotion. The latest gimmick is Bally TV, which broadcasts on a monitor above the weight-lifting machines. Bally TV plays music videos à la MTV, interrupted by short Bally commercials. It all seems a bit outdated. What’s next – Bally Karaoke?

Enjoy your workout.



10 Responses to Workout 16

  1. […] Workout 22 The National Center for Health Statistics reported the number of obese Americans now outweighs the merely overweight citizenry. Seems like another opportunity for Bally. While there are overweight and even morbidly obese members, they appear to be in the minority. With a little savvy and sensitivity, Bally could develop recruitment programs targeting the audience – maybe even develop a reality television series to broadcast on Bally TV. […]

  2. […] Workout 39 Some Bally members – especially the New Year’s newbies – have real difficulty understanding three words: smooth, controlled movement. Those are from the instructions on nearly every weight machine in the place. Lift with smooth, controlled movement. Pull with smooth, controlled movement. Push with smooth, controlled movement. Instead, you’ll see people yanking, jerking, lunging, plunging, spinning, twisting, hurling and pirouetting improper weight amounts in wildly dangerous styles. It’s amazing that we have not yet witnessed a full-blown injury. If the Bally Total Fitness® Rules & Regulations permitted videotaping, we could produce a Bally Bloopers show for Bally TV. […]

  3. […] monitors at its Loop and South Loop locations. However, most of the new devices are only playing Bally TV and flashing video notices like, “Please re-rack your weights after use.” Plus, one of the new […]

  4. […] offer them free guidance, as the afternoon is hardly a busy period. Better yet, broadcast a Bally TV segment with artists like Frank Sinatra and Barbra […]

  5. […] of order this week. As a result, members occupying the eastern weight machine area were deprived of Bally TV viewing. Oh, the […]

  6. […] monitor in the eastern weight machine area is back in order. So members are busting moves to Bally TV. Or maybe they’re simply adjusting their sport thongs and […]

  7. […] becoming the official hair gel of Bally Total Fitness. Commercials for the product are playing on Bally TV, and the static cling above was stuck on a mirror in the men’s locker room. This must be another […]

  8. […] Bally Workout 221 For most members, Bally TV is a buzzing annoyance to be ignored under the general clanking, whirring and grunting sounds of […]

  9. […] Bally Workout 251 All week long – via posters, Bally TV and intercom announcements – the Loop Bally club has been hyping membership savings for a special […]

  10. […] Bally Workout 257 The monitors broadcasting Bally TV have been running mini-commercials lately. Currently, the ads proclaim: This workout is brought to […]

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