Workout 3

Men are pigs.

Men in locker rooms with public showers and toilets are worse than pigs.

There’s no need to fear contracting athlete’s foot in the Bally locker room. The dominant fungi and bacteria – many of which have probably not yet been identified by the CDC – will easily obliterate such common infections.

The floors are dumping grounds for bandages, wrappers, wads of hair and other mystery items.

Members manage to completely dislodge sink handles almost daily.

Hand dryers are used to dry everything except hands.

The shower area leaves you longing for a shower – even after you take a shower.

Senator Larry Craig would refuse to make direct contact with the toilets, regardless of whoever might be in the adjoining stalls – and the adjoining stalls are typically occupied by totally naked men.

Enjoy your workout.


2 Responses to Workout 3

  1. Ashly says:

    I LOVE this blog! I work out at the Loop Bally, too. I actually stumbled upon your page because I was looking for reviews on how gross or not gross (hopefully, but it would be a surprise) their pool is.

    BTW- the women aren’t much better in terms of keeping locker room nastiness to a minimum. If cleanliness is next to godliness, the locker rooms at Bally are truly the third circle of hell.

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